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With a significant range of Pureosity amber jewellery at our online shop, let us present the origin and qualities of this magnificent gem.

To begin with, amber is unlike other naturally found gemstones: it is of organic origin, just like pearls and corals. Amber is essentially fossilized tree resin that ancient trees produced to protect themselves against injury or disease. The formation process took millions of years: the oldest pieces found date back to 320 million years ago. A piece of amber is also a piece of history, often carrying with itself traces of long-lost species of plants and insects. Natural amber is unexpectedly light and pleasantly warm to the touch, and it is often thought of as a frozen ray of sunshine.​

Amber is mainly found by the seashores and other bodies of water, with most of the world's amber supply coming from the Baltic Sea. Washed ashore, the Baltic amber represents the changing landscape and the forests that used to flourish in these areas. Keeping in mind the long formation period of this gemstone, the natural reserves of amber are gradually decreasing, making amber a more and more valuable commodity.

Amber has been in use for around 13 000 years, and it has always been considered a natural healer. Amber jewellery has been used to relieve various health problems such as headaches, back pains, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. It also has been proven to have antibiotic qualities. It is recommended for amber jewellery to be in contact with your skin.

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